Project Description


Katherine has Autism complicated with Epilepsy.  She lives in her own Supported Living accommodation and is cared for by 6 staff 24/7, she also has a number of hours in the community supported by 2 staff each time.


She recently had a psychotic episode and the caused her to regress in her behaviours.  Staff were amazing, however, as she was not responding well and damaging her own environment it got to a stage where her home was barren of books, TV music; in fact a prison, as she was not capable of going out without being a danger to herself or others.  Her advocate, together with her parents arranged for a someone to run a craft workshop for her, support her in craft activities and at the same time teach the staff to get involved and initiate.

Katherine is now in her element and is undertaking many craft activities each week. Including being supported with her love of music