Project Description


Claire has a Circle of Support to help ensure that her quality of life is rich and varied. The Circle is made up of; support workers, family members and her KLASP advocate. They meet quarterly to review her needs and aspirations.

At one meeting the Circle were assessing the activities that Claire participates in.  It was unanimously agreed that she absolutely loves music! It seemed that everyone was incorporating a tiny bit of music when interacting with Claire by either singing songs, playing CD’s or going to see the occasional musical. Claire’s KLASP advocate, Sarah, suggested that Claire might enjoy and benefit from music therapy.  As a result, a local therapist was sourced by running searches on the

internet and checking accreditations.

Claire now has a weekly 1:1 with her lovely music therapist, Anna.  Claire enjoys the close attention and musical rhythms and seems to be blossoming from the interactions.

As a result of the recommendation from Claire’s  KLASP advocate, she is now enjoying music on a whole new level. Not only is it an immersive and interactive activity that she looks forward to on a weekly basis, her family and support workers are often wowed by the way Claire engages with Anna and the instruments.